Shady Dawn Pictures:


The Watchers again

“The small town of Little Park, South Jersey is rattled when a girl slaughters her friends after a seance one evening. Weeks later, with the suspect locked in a psych hospital, murders and abductions begin to occur.”


Cursed 2:  Sheol

Cursed Sheol again

“A young journalist named Jin Duyen is holding her own investigation of the murder case. With the police covering up details she ventures out to the scene of the crime and has a frightening encounter. Then, after returning home, she realizes that something has followed her, and she’s somehow become “Cursed” due to her involvement. Meanwhile, the wife of Lieutenant Magnus, an investigator on the case, has been experiencing hauntings at work the last few weeks since the murder. She and her husband seek to find the cause before the creepy occurrences become lethal.”


Cursed 3:  Rulers of the Darkness

Cursed 3

“Several weeks have passed since a brutal, ritualistic murder occurred in a quiet town. Ever since then, the wife of police Lieutenant Magnus, Aya, has experienced hauntings at work. One day they begin to take a turn for the worst and she realizes that the entity behind them is more powerful and real than she imagined.”



Minikin Captial Nights

Minikin Capital nights again

“A vigilante has been hunting the criminals of Minikin Capital for years, known to many as ‘The Grim Reaper’ and to others as the ‘Avenger of Blood’. 17 year old Cassandra knows him from a local church as an assistant pastor, the quiet but kind Pastor Joe Mizaki. One day an errant decision on his part leads to her disappearing, and the Avenger sets out on a mission to track her down before it’s too late – if it’s not already. He narrows her potential abductors down to Brad Wesker, a mafia informant. However, Brad’s also responsible for the death of a young woman connected to the Yakuza, which places him in the sights of an enforcer known as the Dragon Lady. It all leads to an inevitable confrontation between the Avenger and the Dragon Lady, who are both pursing Brad. He seeks to save an innocent life – She is determined to avenge one.”

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